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Focusing on LESS can deliver much MORE. That is why we only fill jobs for Dealership Accountants and source specialist training for Dealership Accountants. We don't do newsletters, surveys, fancy websites  or other distractions for you or us.  We trust people rather than technology to source perfect candidates, opportunities and training. Trust us. 

Seeking a job?

If you are an experienced dealership accountant seeking a new position, please fill out the quick message form below, no CV is required at this stage. All candidates will be interviewed to determine their career and job goals and expectations before all else. We match people to the perfect opportunities - we don't list jobs or people.

Do you have a Dealership Accountant position to fill?

If you are seeking a permanent or interim dealership accountant, please fill out the message form below. Our fees are purely based on success. We are unlike any other recruitment solutions provider, clients start by proposing the fee they are willing to pay to fill a position in a given timescale. All solutions are tailored to meet clients' budgets and specifications. All our recruitment is on a confidential basis, we search for the perfect candidates, we don't advertise for them. We give a one year 100% guarantee, if someone we source for job leaves within a year, for any reason, we will refill the position at no charge.

Specialist Training for Dealership Accountants

If you are seeking specialist training for an in-house or open/public training programme, just fill out the form below and we will suggest some options. 

Contact us now - we will respond to all messages by email within 24 hours.

There is no commitment and no details are shared without your consent.

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Contact - Nigel Wyatt - call +44 1908 565574 - LinkedIn -

40 Tudor Gardens Milton Keynes MK11 1HX UK

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